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Comprehensive locum insurance cover from MPI

At MPI we are fully aware just how disruptive it can be to a practice if you or one of your colleagues is unable to work for any length of time. Whether it is due to long term sickness, an accident, stress or depression, you are going to have to bring in the services of a locum, which is always a costly process.

Locum insurance as offered by MPI can protect you and your colleagues by meeting the costs of hiring a locum, and taking away the financial strain at what can be a difficult time.

Using locums can be a heavy and unplanned expense for many doctor’s surgeries. As a scarce resource, they can command generous fees. If you are not properly insured, a lengthy illness could cost your practice dearly. Locum insurance can help protect your practice against these unforeseen costs.

Locum insurance – cover against the cost of a scarce resource

Locum insurance cover from Medical & Professional Investments can assist with the expense of:

  • Protecting you against the cost of paying for a locum whilst a GP is off work due to sickness or injury;
  • Providing cover for up to a year of illness after which time any permanent health insurance you have taken out should begin to operate, or a replacement GP or consultant can be sought;
  • Affords your practice the peace of mind that it can adequately cover locum salaries should it have to.

As with all our financial services at MPI, we can tailor the locum insurance cover as much as you would like to ensure you are covered against any eventuality.

Our locum insurance cover can include:

Core covers

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Personal accident and sickness
  • Continuity of cover
  • Full worldwide cover
  • Winter sports cover
  • Needlestick injuries

Optional covers

  • Jury service cover
  • Family emergency
  • Adoption and maternity
  • Suspension cover
  • Paternity leave

For further information regarding locum insurance cover or to arrange a meeting, contact our expert team of financial planners on 01656 749902 or email: [email protected].

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