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Since Medical & Professional took over my portfolio, I have enjoyed courteous service. They have always taken their time to listen to me and have consistently tailored their recommendations to fully meet my needs and personal circumstances. In addition to helping.....

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Medical & Professional have always been invaluable with their understanding of our personal requirements. The advice they have given us over the years has been ‘’second to none’’. It has been and will continue to be a great pleasure to do business with them. I have recommended their company to friends and colleagues and will continue to do so in the..

High quality mortgages for medical professionals

Here at MPI we specialise in providing high-quality, professional advice on mortgages for medical professionals. The problem that medical professionals can sometimes experience when searching for mortgages from high street lenders, is that they do not fully understand the NHS remuneration package. When NHS income is assessed, usually via payslips, the lender will see the various elements of a doctor’s salary and struggle to process these effectively. Elements of a doctor’s pay packet are sometimes assessed as non-guaranteed overtime or part-time income. This will often conflict with the lending criteria of mortgage providers, and often they will only take account of the basic element of your wage.

If all or part of the income is locum / private practice based, a new doubt will arise in the mind of the lender. Much of this work will be arranged on short-term or fixed-term contracts and will be paid in a tax efficient manner. This, in accordance with the view of many lenders that short-term and fixed-term contracts are temporary, can cause problems when it comes to choosing your mortgage and provider.

Specialising in mortgages for doctors

Our expertise is invaluable when you are looking for your next mortgage. We liaise with underwriters in order to arrange bespoke mortgages specifically for doctors. The arrangements we put in place help provide doctors with sufficient provable income to maximise their borrowing potential based upon documentation and a clear explanation of the individual’s working situation.

We work closely on your behalf with the insurance underwriters to ensure we have a clear and concise list of documentary requirements based upon the individual circumstances prior to the submission of any application. This ensures the underwriters have a full understanding of the circumstances and can provide a positive lending decision.

If you are looking for clear and specific advice MPI are the financial professionals to talk to. We can provide you with some of the most competitive deals on the market, guiding you knowingly through the entire process.

For further advice on doctor mortgages please call 01656 749902 or email: [email protected]. One of our expert financial professionals will be delighted to answer any queries you may have or arrange a face to face meeting to further discuss mortgages for medical professionals.
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